Wireless Management
Wireless Management
Wireless and Personal Communication Systems


Wireless Management
CA Enabling A Successful
CISCO Wireless Location Application
CISCO Wireless Control System
Multisite Management
Proxim Ekahau A4
Proxim WL Avalanche A4
Proxim WL Mobile Manager A4
Wireless Networking Management Lecture
Wireless and Personal Communication Systems


Week 1 Wireless Introduction and Applications
Week 2 Radio Communications Principles
Week 3 IEEE802.11 Introduction
Week 4 IEEE802.11 ctd...
Week 5 Cellular Networks
Week 6 Cellular Networks ctd...
Week 7 Bluetooth Technology
Week 8 Access Technologies
Week 9 Location-based Communications
Week 10 Wireless_Security
Week 11 Wireless Network Design Principles
Week 12 Selected_Topics_in_Wireless


1 Basic Radio Communications
4 Network Analysis
6 Security
7 Bluetooth
8 IEEE802.11 Introduction
9 IEEE802.11 Infrastructure


Semester 2, 2006
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