Network Administration
Network Administration
Network Standards and Specifications
Network Administration
Network Administration


Week 1
Admin Role
Week 2
Network Structure
System Components
Week 3
Host management
User management
Week 4

Config maintenance
Internet services

Week 5

TCP/IP Preview
TCP/IP Administration
Week 6

Network Administration Models
SNMP version 2

Week 7


Week 8

Distribution Administration
Remote Monitoring and Desktop Management
Week 9

Network Security
Security Administration

Week 10


Week 11


Web Based Administration

Week 12

Administration Theory
Future Administration
Industry Accreditation


Week 2

Cables and Protocols: Suggested Solutions
Roles of a Network Administrator

Lab Setup and Familiarization

Packet Tracer 3.2

Week 3

Operating System Installation Checklist
Host System Management in Windows

Packet Capture and Analysis

Week 4

Host Configuration System
Minimal Linux Installation

Week 5

Minimal Linux Installation

Week 6

HP AdvanceStack Hub
SNMP and Network monitoring tools

Week 7

Introduction to MRTG

Week 8

DMTF Learning Centre
DMTF Introduction


Week 9

Protecting your Unix Systems


Sample Exam Paper
HDLC Marking Guide
HDLC Assignment
Tutorial IP Addressing
IP Addressing Unit Test
Lab and Tutorial Sessions Schedule
LAN Design and Cable Lab Exercise
LAN Setup Exercise
Network Case Study 1
Network Case Study 2
Network Costing Assignment
Network Costing Marking Guide
Student History
Tutor Contact Information
Tutor Information
Unit Overview
Unit Review Questions


Opnet Tool Network

IT Guru Opnet

CSE3020 Tutorial Answers

Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Network Standards And Specifications


Week 1 Introduction & revision
Week 2 Network Packet Analysis
Week 3 Protocol types and Layers
Week 4 Data notation and standards BNF, ASN.1, XDR, XML
Week 5 State transitions: TFTP;HDLC;TCP
Week 6 History and evolution of standards.
Week 7 Standards Organisations: Network protocol standards.
Week 8 Data link protocol standards.
Week 9 Network layer protocol standards
Week 10 Transport layer protocol standards
Week 11 Application protocol standards
Week 12 Application protocol standards (continued)


Week 2 Explore web site and resources list using Ethereal for protocol analysis
Week 3 Layered Protocols
Week 4 Layered protocols and Notation used for data definitions
Week 5 Use of state transitions in network protocol definitions
             State machines used in protocol implementation

Week 6 State transition diagrams and Internet history
Week 7 Structure of Standards organisations
              Selection and notification of Project assignment title

Week 8 Data Link Protocols
Week 9 Data and Network Layer Protocol standards
Week 10 Transport layer protocols
Week 11 Application protocol standards


Sample Exam paper

Network Administration
Research assignment 1
Practical assignment 2
Part 1
Part 2
Demonstration Marking Guide
Presentation Marking Guide

Lecture notes

Background Information
Week 1 Network Administration and Management
Week 2 Network Components and Structure
Week 3 Cabling
Week 4 Internet services and Unix Management
Internet services
Host management
Structure of a UNIX File System
User management
Week 5 Abstract Syntax Notation.1
Abstract Syntax Notation
Models of Network Administration
Week 6 System Administration Tools
Aeelens Top 5 Tools
Configuration and Management
Simple Network Management Protocol
Week 7 Remote Monitoring
Distributed System Administration
Future of Network Administration
Network Administration
Networking Concepts
Remote Monitoring and DMI

Network softwares

Fluke Network Inspector
Fluke Protocol Inspector
NetworkII.5 Manual
Packet Tracer 4.0
IP Addressing Subnetting
Assignment 2 packet
Assignment 2 powerpoint slides


Case study 1
Case study 2
Lab 1
Lab 2
Lab 3
Lab 4
LAN Setup Laboratory
Sample Unix Commands
Winxp LAN
Sample exam




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