CSE5807 Wireless and Personal Communication Systems


Laboratory No: 9


Title: IEEE802.11 Infrastructure



1.       To gain understanding with the IEEE 802.11 Infrastructure Architecture.

2.     To become familiar with the features and configuration settings of the access point and wireless client device.


Tasks to be performed:

1.       Use the CISCO’s “Aironet Client Utility“ program to study the existing WLAN. You will investigate the features and options available in this tool.

(i)         Identify the WLAN standard and study the various network and radio technology parameters related to WLAN operation. Briefly explain their significance.

(ii)       Observe the association status and its relation with SSID.

2.     Use the web browser to open the access point’s configuration menu. (You have to use access point’s IP address from previous task)

(i)         Observe the main configuration settings and the features.

(ii)       Identify other wireless clients in the network and their status.

3.     Observe the use of “Netstumbler” tool to identify other access points in the room.

(i)      Compare the signal properties from existing access points.

(ii)    Briefly discuss how you would improve the performance of the existing network.


Report (due by next laboratory period):

Prepare a report based on your tasks and observations.