CSE5807 Wireless and Personal Communication Systems


Laboratory No:




Wireless Security



In order to discover unwanted devices on a network SSIDs and Security must be researched and implemented on the production implementation.  Understanding of the different types of SSID and packet sniffing programs awakes one view on how secure the network actually is.



§        To detect SSID, Access Points (AP) and users within a production network.

§        To become familiar with the use of wireless applications for detecting traffic. 


Tasks to be performed:

The class will investigate the different types of Wireless applications and their use on discovering the openness of wireless in and around today’s network environments.

Eg. SSID, WEP Decryption, Packet sniffing.



Net Stumbler: (http://stumbler.net)

AiroPeek: (http://www.wildpackets.com)

ACS – RADIUS Authentication Server: (http://www.cisco.com/)

(In)Security of the WEP Algorithm: (http://www.isaac.cs.berkeley.edu/isaac/wep-faq.html)



Report (due by next laboratory period):

(Ensure that you provide Name ID and Lab Number)

Write a report on the following security methods used on Wireless networks:



- IEEE 802.1i

- IEEE 802.1x (PEAP)

- One other of your choice.