CSE5807 Wireless and Personal Communication Systems


Laboratory No:




Basic Radio Communication Services



In order to understand how radio communication systems provide their part of wireless networks, the investigation of antenna types and their reasons for construction will be investigated.



        To become familiar with common antenna systems

        To understand radiation patterns of common antennas

        To become familiar with the various formulae used for calculation of antenna design and performance


Tasks to be performed:

Class will observe antenna types at selected locations on the campus.

Samples of common antenna types will be shown.

Radiation tests will be demonstrated.


Read chapter 5 of Stallings

Report (due by next laboratory period):

(Ensure that you provide Name ID and Lab Number)

Draw radiation patterns for Yagi antenna, -wave dipole.

Calculate the length of the elements of a -wave dipole for operation at 2.4GHz.

Calculate the Fresnel zone midway between two antennas that are 10km apart and operating at 10GHz.