cfengine - Host Configuration System


  • To locate documentation on cfengine
  • To install and experiment with a basic cfengine installation
  • To prepare and plan Assignment2 Topic with your group and the Tutor


  1. Configuration software can be grouped into two or three categories. What are these categories?
    Find some administration and configuration packages and decide which category they belong to....What are the advantages of an automated configuration tool?

  2. In a group examine the cfengine documentation (local PDF) and in particular the Overview, README and Tutorial Exercise (local PDF) (Hint: It may save time if you decide beforehand, which members of the group are to scan each part of the documentation)

  3. Form a group of students. boot the Linux partition on one or more PCs and download cfengine from the Links page. Use the command:  tar  -xvzf  xxx.tar.gz  to unpack the downloard file (where "xxx.tar.gz" is the filename).
    Read the installation instructions and make a plan before attempting to do the installation.
    Note: You will need to obtain and install some other software !!
    Keep a record of the steps you take while doing this and refer to your tutor. Even if you are not able to get the installation to complete correctly, you will learn a lot about configuration tools in the process (:-)

  4. Discuss your assignment 2 with your tutor. Refine your objectives to that you can write a formal proposal of your group project, and include the tasks to be performed and the timing and sequence of each task. Also, define which group member is responsible for each task. This will be your project proposal and may form the core of the documentation required for your assignment submission!! Hand this in to your tutor before the end of class, or as arranged.