Cables and Protocols


  • To review network cable types
  • To review some network protocols


  • Access to Lecture notes
  • Access to internet search engine (eg google search for "UTP cable pinouts" or "TIA 568")


Network Cable Types

  1. Write short notes on different cable types that can be used for a network, with emphasis on the differences between each.
  2. List the different categories of cables that are specified (mainly for UTP cables), their data rates and uses.
  3. construct a wiring diagram for UTP cables (using this template) that can be used to:
    1. connect two dissimilar devices (eg a PC NIC and a hub)
    2. connect two similar devices (eg a hub to a hub, or a PC NIC to another NIC)

Network Protocols

  1. Write short notes on the following
    1. TCP/UDP
    2. IP
    3. IPX
    4. NetBEUI
    5. Ethernet
    6. Token Ring
    7. ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)
    8. NCP
    9. SMB
    10. NetBIOS