Welcome to  CSE1720, Semester 3,  Summer C, 2005  -   Business Information Technology and Systems.

The material you will be accessing is applicable to the Summer Semester, 2005.

This is an elective unit for some non-Information Technology Degrees and is offered
by the School of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Faculty of Information Technology.

The timetable for the Unit is:

Week1.   Monday 22nd November to Thursday 25th November.     Lecture from 9.30am to Mid-day
                                                                                                          Tutorial (Lab Session)  1.30pm to 3.00pm
                                                                                                           and  possibly 3.00pm to 4.30pm (2 streams)

Week 2.  Monday  29th November to Thursday  2nd December.      Lectures and Tutorials as for Week 1

Week 3. Monday   6th December to Wednesday  8th December.    Lecture 9.30am to mid-day
                                                                                   Tutorial : Monday and Tuesday only
                                                                                                  1.30pm to 3.00pm
                              Friday 10th  December : Examination  9.30am to 11.45am

Your Lecturer

Rod Simpson is your Lecturer.
 Contact :         It's best to ring or email me first so that a mutual time can be arranged.

If you are having problems, your first port of call should be your tutor.

Contact Details :  My office is in C Block, level 4 and the room number is 46  (C4.46)
                            My email is rod.simpson@csse.monash.edu.au
                            My phone number is 9903 2352

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Details of the Unit
                          There are some aspects of this unit which you should read, including the University's  attitude to
                        plagiarism, the unit outline, prerequisites and the final result mark policy

Lecture1.ppt    Introduction. Objectives of the Unit. Commercial Computing. The Information Age.

Lecture2.ppt   The Business Environment. Hardware Components and Configurations. Excel Part 1.

Lecture3.ppt   Software Systems - Operating and Application.  Main Memory and and Chips. Excel part 2.

Lecture4.ppt   Memory, Cache.  Some Internals of  Windows 2000 and XP. Output and Storage Devices.
                       The Automated Teller System.  Ethics

Lecture5.ppt   Information Requirements : Business Solutions. System Development.
                      The System Development Life Cycle.

Lecture6.ppt   Business and Business Strategies  Web Site Development Projects.
                       Customer Marketing Databases.
                       Browers. Authoring Tools

Lecture7.ppt   An Introduction to Data Base. The Relational Model.
                       Some Retrieval aspects for Non-Structured Databases.

Lecture8.ppt   An Introduction to Communications. Networks. Some Hardware and Software.

Lecture9.ppt   Decision Making. DataBase Security. The IT/Customer  facilities at Coles.

Lecture10.ppt  Project Management

Lecture11.ppt  Future I.T. directions - Hardware, Software and Applications.
                        Unit Outline and Review. Examination Details.

Semester 1, 2003 exam.doc

Semester 2, 2003exam.doc

Assignment 1.doc       Library Access Methods

Assignment 2.doc      Spreadsheet Functions and Research

The Proforma Spreadsheet for Asignment 2    

Assignment 3.doc      DataBase Assignment

PowerPoint Exercise

A Short Quiz        See if you can answer the questions   

Quiz Answers    


Course Notes and Exercises, Semester 3, 2005

Assignment Cover Sheet

Coffee Shop

Word processing example

Supply Chain Management

RFIDTags       A short article on an advanced recognition technique

Some Examples of Ethics

Grid Computing

John Snow's Data Warehouse


The Lament

The Words of the Australian Anthem

Waltzing Matilda

The Waterfall Approach

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